Pet Comfort Raincoat


A rainy day might be great for you, but it can affect your pet in many ways compelling them to have rainy day blues. To help your pet get past that the Pet Comfort Raincoat not only keeps your pet dry, but also helps reduce your pooch’s stress. Why have your pet wear a raincoat? For one, it helps keep your pet drier when walking in bad weather and let’s be honest, you’ll also avoid filling your home with that “wet dog smell”. Another benefit is that it helps keep your pet clean while splashing in puddles, it also helps shield your pupper from the wet and windy weather.


  • Keeps pet dry when walking in bad weather
  • Full front coverage
  • Back openings to use with a collar or harness
  • Adjustable drawstrings for a snug fit
  • Detachable hood
  • Reflectors so that your pet is visible to motorists even during low light
  • Velcro fastening that adjusts to give your pet a comfortable fit
  • Leg straps to hold the raincoat in place
  • Machine washable



Country of origin: India