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Pet Comfort understands your pet’s needs and puts them first. Our products are crafted to provide Comfort to your pet as well as Practical Solutions for your everyday pet-related problems.

We get that being a pet parent comes with its own challenges. A lot of your time is spent making sure your fur baby gets the best and we’re all for it, after all you have the privilege of having such a trusting confidant!

Pet Comfort has a unique collection of products for pets of all sizes. Each of our products is designed to cater to the customary habit of pet parenting. From helping your pet beat the heat with a specially designed Cool Mat, to protecting your pet on rainy walks in our efficiently tailored Raincoats, or taking them on long drives on the effectively devised Seat Pawtector, we’ve got you covered. 

Our customers play a pivotal role in our desire to constantly enhance our products. We don’t want to just stop at being good, we want to do better. We look forward to your valuable feedback, because if you’re not happy, neither is your pet.

We strongly believe in supporting and promoting local businesses. We manufacture most of our products locally and when we don’t, we try our best to source them from close quarters, in turn not only helping the environment, but also boosting the community pride and economy, and empowering us to say, most of our products are 100% made in India. #makeinindia #vocalforlocal

We know what unconditional love is and we’ll help you return the favour. Explore and shop our unique collection for your faithful companions.

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