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Why Rebrand?


When we started out, our main goal was to provide pet parents with Practical Solutions to their daily pet related problems and for their pets - all the Comfort necessary. Consequently, we did just that, although a major chunk of our products/materials were sourced from overseas.

Not too long ago, the unwelcome pandemic left many local businesses almost paralysed. These small businesses depend on their communities to survive. We were quick to pivot our business model but we realized how important it is to support local talent and so to be #vocalforlocal. To a large extent, 90% of our products depend on the locally available raw materials that we need for manufacturing, and us, on these micro businesses. 

The growing reality is that the COVID19 pandemic has left a bitter-sweet truth – sourcing locally is the way to go! And in an effort to do so, we are trying our best to source all our raw material locally. Sourcing locally not only helps the environment, but also boosts community pride and economy.

Thus, in keeping with the trend, we are proud to re-introduce/relaunch Pet Comfort with materials sourced and products manufactured 100% in India. #makeinindia.

Our products are meticulously handpicked with utmost care and precision, keeping in mind how pet friendly and safe they need to be. Being able to see and feel, and test all our products personally before going into mass production, gives us the confidence we need to assure our customers that it’s worth their while.

No matter the breed, Indie or pedigree, we cater to all types of pets. From keeping your pet cool during the hot summer months, to shielding your pet from the rain and enabling you to go on those long coveted drives with your furry companion, we’ve thought about it all.

Your pet and you play an imperative part in our journey. We hear you and we want to make our products worthy of your pet. So write to us and let us know how we can enhance our products or introduce new products. Your feedback is invaluable.

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