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Wet Weather and How it Affects our Pets

As much as we love and welcome the monsoon, we’re all affected by it. Whether it’s an overgrown lawn, added traffic or the laundry piling up because there’s not been enough sunshine to dry them. Though, have you ever wondered how this wet weather is affecting our pets?

Wet or Damp fur leads to

It is the ideal foundation for fungi or bacteria.
Ensure you dry your pet thoroughly. If your pet is comfortable, use a hairdryer, which is a fast way to dry off your pet and avoid any skin diseases or sickness.
Long haired pets should have trimmed fur between their paws prior to monsoon. Damp fur between the paw pads can cause skin irritation such as dermatitis and other infections.
Ear infections are a common recurrence during the rainy season, especially with pets that have closed ears such as Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. It is important to keep their ears dry, especially after any outdoor activities.


Boredom and worse, Depression 

Pets can get depressed in the wet weather, therefore, it is important that you keep them active and give them attention.

Boredom often leads to them getting into trouble as they find ways to entertain themselves. A bored pet can indulge in destructive behaviour such as excessive chewing, digging, barking and similar antics.

How can you help alleviate that?

Playing hide and seek: The simplest indoor game to play with your pet. All you have to do is teach them to sit and stay till you find a hiding place and call out to them to look for you.

Treat hunt: Similar to the human version of treasure hunt. Hide some treats around the house and let your pooch sniff them out. It’s also a great way to extend feeding time.

Tug of war: This is a classic. Tug of war is a super fun game you can play with your pet that teaches impulse control and helps build a stronger bond with your pet. It also helps your pupper release frustration and helps your pet set goals - to win tug of war! You can also use this game to teach your pet how to “release”, “drop it” or “give” on cue by trading it for a treat.

Handball: If the indoors permit it, you can use a soft ball or any toy and throw it along the corridor. Make your pet chase after it. This can work with cats too. Handball is also another great way to teach your pet to fetch and release. Just remember to treat your pet once s/he successfully accomplishes the task.

New Tricks: Ever seen one of those pet challenges on your social media feed? And you’ve been dying to try it? Well, here’s your chance! Whether it’s teaching your dog how to roll over, shake hands or simply sit, teaching her or him new tricks will not only keep your pet engaged on a rainy day, but it will also keep your pet active and stimulated.




For some pets, thunderstorms can be distressing and often cause anxiety. This in turn can lead to pets escaping and getting lost, and sometimes, if worse, than injured. You can prevent this by keeping them calm and safe indoors with you. Perhaps turn the TV on at a slightly loud volume (remember not too loud), play some calming music, let your pet snuggle up with you and cover her or him with a blanket or put on some doggy earmuffs, cozy up and watch something together.

Slippery Surfaces

Everyone knows, when it rains, everything’s going to be wet - the grass, the sidewalks, floors and your pet’s paws, obviously, this means they’re more likely to slip and godforbid, hurt themselves. Bearing this in mind, take things slower than usual, whether it’s taking your pet for a walk or playing some outdoor sports. And most importantly, dry your pet’s paws as often as you can.

Ticks and Parasites

It’s important to understand that even though ticks don’t seem to be deterred by the damp weather, they will be in full force once the climate warms up. With flora and fauna being more active than usual, the ticks have a tendency to come into your compound and latch themselves to your pet. If not attended to, tick paralysis can be fatal, and immediate medical attention is required.

Picking up your pet’s poop is important, however more so during the monsoon season, as slacking or failing to pick it up can lead to more complications for your pet. The wet weather is a prime time for faeces to attract bacteria and parasites. Humidity enables bacteria to grow and serves as the breeding ground for eggs to hatch. So grab a bag and pick up that poop!


Don’t let these reasons stop you from taking your pets out on their routine walks during the monsoon. Just slip on a raincoat on your pet and yourself and walk those rainy day blues away!

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