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Travelling with Your Dog

Some dogs enjoy jumping in and out of the car and going for drives, but for some, getting into a car can be a tense experience. Thankfully there are ways to make your pet feel relaxed and complacent.
The trick to getting your dog to travel with you in the car is to make it feel confident. Your dog needs to feel confident to enjoy a comfortable, stress free drive. And if you want to save yourself the pain of having to clean dog fur, use the dog hammock across the backseat of your car.
Ideally it is good to get your pup use to the car as soon as you bring it home.
A great way to start is by getting your dog or pup to sit in a stationary car.
This gives them time to sniff around the area they’re going to be confined to, so that they feel calm and relaxed before you start the car.
Once your pet gets use to the car, you can start by taking a short and slow trip down the road. At the end of the ride, shower them with praises and give them a treat as a reward for riding calmly and patiently in the car.
As your dog gains more confidence, you can start increasing the duration of your trips. This simple practice can be used on dogs of all ages.
When relocating or rehoming an adult dog that is not used to travelling, start slow and steady, you will gradually start to make progress.
When travelling for long distances with your dog, make it a routine to stop after every couple of hours, so that your dog can relieve itself.
A break from driving will give both of you the opportunity to stretch your legs.
Remember to give your dog water to drink at intervals and keep it hydrated. There’s no need to carry a separate bowl for your dog with the new portable water bottle. It’s easy to carry and has a tray attached to it which allows you to pour water into it, so that your dog can drink from it directly.
The more positive your dog’s experience of riding in the car, the easier it will be for you to take your pet on long drives and trips. The dog hammock acts as an extra bonus to make the experience pleasant for both you and your pet.
Safe and Happy Travels!

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