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The Importance of Exercise in Your Pet’s Life

It is important that you exercise your pet regularly to provide it a healthy body. As part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle ensure a balanced diet, proper grooming and regular visits to the veterinarian. The perfect time to start grooming your pet is from pup or kitten stage.


Exercise has some major benefits for your pet. Here are some of them-

The benefits include- 
For dogs, it eliminates or reduces behaviour problems such as excessive barking, digging, chewing and hyperactivity
It helps keep them agile and nimble
Decreases constipation and various other digestive problems
Builds trust and confidence in frightened dogs
Makes dogs feel sleepy, especially when you’re taking time out to relax
And most importantly, keeps your pet’s weight in check
*Routine exercise for your pet can also prove fruitful for you, by providing you with a lot of mental and physical health benefits.

What are the drawbacks of your pet not getting enough exercise?

Just like with children, if you don’t give them something productive to do with their energy, they will find something to do on their own. Similarly, if your dog is not provided with enough exercise, they start showing behaviour problems, such as-
Chewing, digging or scratching obsessively
Excessive barking and whining for attention
Raiding the garbage
Hyperactivity at night, instead of sleeping peacefully
Rough play and biting hard
Jumping on people and knocking over furniture
Risk of developing health issues such as arthritis, heart diseases and obesity

What type of exercises can you do with your pet?

A scratch post is the perfect tool for your cat.
Interactive toys such as the tunnel, the wand, food maze, etc. will keep your cat entertained.
Even something as simple as a ball of yarn or a cardboard box will keep your cat engaged.
You can provide your dog with some brain exercises which involve food puzzles, trick and obedience training, chew toys and sniffing exercises, this will prevent your dog from getting bored.
Focus on games that will make your dog run about, such as fetch, frisbee or sticks, or chase which involves a toy attached to a rope or stick.
Other options are encouraging social play, that is to fix play dates for your dog with other dogs.

Some studies suggest that-

People with pets when compared to those without, are less likely to suffer various medical conditions such as depression.
As compared to people without pets, pet owners have lower blood pressure in stressful situations.
The dopamine and serotonin levels in humans are elevated when playing with cats or dogs, which has a relaxing and calming effect.
Pet owners have lower cholesterol and less chances of having heart diseases than those without.
Survivors of heart attacks with pets survive longer than those without.
People over 65, make fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets.

Important to understand-

Discuss your dog’s exercise routine with your vet, this will give you an idea about how much exercise and what type of exercise best suits your dog’s breed and age.
Don’t let senior dogs exercise outdoors for too long if the weather is too hot or humid.
Never force your dog to do one particular exercise, there are other alternate exercises you could try.
If your dog has trouble breathing, starts coughing or displays any other type of discomfort while exercising, then consult your vet to know more.

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