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Responsibilities of a Dog Parent in Summer

Summer’s around the corner and just like our pets, no – we’re not looking forward to it! However, this also means getting a lot of pool time and picnics at some neighbouring streams. But before we embark, here are some thoughts we might want to consider when planning whether or not to take our doggo with us.

How hot is too hot?

Our first thought to consider should be “is the ground too hot?” As we’ve stressed before, putting a hand against the pavement for about 15 seconds will answer the question. And if it’s too hot for us, then it’s too hot for our dog.
When taking our pooch out with us to chill, we must consider what kind of a place it will be. Whether it’s pet friendly, will there be enough shade for our pet, will there be grass for our dog to sit on, because they’re not always allowed to sit on comfy chairs with us. So, if our pet’s not going to be sitting with us, where will he be sitting?
As a primary caregiver of our dogs, it is our duty to do what’s best for them, even if that trumps what we want. If our dog’s feeling miserable, then it’s time to go somewhere else.

A shade in the sun

Our next consideration should be whether or not the place we’re going to has enough shade for our pooch to comfortably lay in.
Most pet friendly restaurants and cafes have a designated zone for dogs and cats, and more often than not, it is usually outdoors. Ensuring the place has enough shade so that our pet doesn’t get a heatstroke while we sit and catch-up with a friend, would be ideal.

Keeping hydrated

Just like us, our dog’s bound to get thirsty at some point. We must remember to carry enough fresh water for our pup and some sort of a vessel for him to drink from comfortably. Portable water bottles are all the rage nowadays and it’s convenient to carry around.

Taking our dog to the park

Not every dog is a sociable creature and likes her/his own space. But, there’s a time and a place for off leash and most public places are a no go. We’ve all come across non-dog owners complain about how they can’t handle another person’s dog running around loose and jumping on them, messing with their things. And as a dog parent it is our job to see that our dog isn’t adding to the commotion.
Something to consider when taking our pet to a place where other dogs will be is to know they’re comfort level. If the dog has a social issue, we’d advise gearing up with the right tools for proper training to make the experience a pleasant one.
Another important point to note is to respect the rules of the place. We may not approve of keeping our dog on the leash at all times, but there’s a reason the rule is in place that we may be unaware of. And if the park is okay with dogs being off the leash, that does not mean the world becomes our dog sitter. It is till our responsibility to make sure we pay attention to our pet and clean up after him. Most importantly, we need to ensure our dog’s being a good pet citizen by socializing with the world in a good manner.

Knowing when to take our dog home

Unfortunately, there are some owners who treat their pets as accessories and tend to use them to show off. But as an avid animal lover and a pet parent, we must pay attention to our dog’s happiness. If our dog seems stressed, it’s time to go home. He isn’t there to make us look good or attract attention. He is there because he didn’t have a say and because we chose to bring him along. Most of all, it is our obligation to see that our pet is happy, healthy and safe.
It is important to remember that we are responsible for our dogs. Our job as their human is to see what’s best for them and provide them with that. Take precautions in the heat, but have fun getting out and about with your doggo! And if you’ve got any other good thoughts or ideas or think we’ve missed out on any, feel free to contribute to the post by leaving a comment.

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