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Playing with your Cat

Just like dogs, it is important to play with your cat and keep it active. Giving your cat valuable exercise is important as it strengthens your bond with your pet, helps to sharpen its hunting skills and maintain a healthy body weight.
Playing also helps your cat release aggression or negative energy and builds confidence in a shy or nervous cat. Some of the best toys to entertain your cat with are soft cotton chew toys, scratch posts and the cat tunnel.
If you’re a more than one cat household, then the cat tunnel is perfect for your cats to have fun and jump around in.
Make sure you have a variety of toys for your cats to play with and when not in use, put them away. If the toys are always out, it may become unrealistic and boring for your felines, like a mouse or a rat that never goes away.
The cat tunnel is the ultimate all-in-one activity center and a great hiding spot for a cat on the prowl ready to pounce. Almost four feet long, this play tunnel is ideal for watching your kitties chase after each other, occasionally peeking out of the windows at either end of the tunnel. In addition, a ball hangs from the top of the tunnel for the cats to paw at and when it’s nap time, your precious kitty can curl up and use the tunnel as a quiet retreat. Its lightweight, spring-loaded frame makes it easy to fold and stow when playtime’s over.

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