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For many, the idea of grooming one’s pet evokes the concept of brushes and bows, when in actuality, it is one of the most integral parts of their overall wellbeing and health.

Why is pet grooming important?

Regular grooming will allow you to detect any basic disease or conditions early. This will mean your pet is treated quicker and more efficiently, which will ensure your pet is far from infection or illness.

Let’s look at some benefits of grooming

BRUSHING- Often misunderstood as the only part of grooming, it is a big part of the process. Regular brushing or combing of your pet is required to keep your pet’s fur free of dirt, dandruff and dead hair. With the five-finger grooming glove, brushing your pet has never been easier. In addition, it has about 180 soft silicon tips which makes it double up as a massager for your pet.
The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw after grooming, and keeps your house clean by minimizing cat and dog shedding. Made with rubber + breathable mesh cloth, and an adjustable strap, this gentle rubber glove helps massage and stimulates circulation. Removes loose pet hair and traps it in the glove so that no fur goes flying. Stop chasing your pet let them come to you for grooming they'll love. Perfect for all coat types, long or short hair, wet or dry. Adjustable strap fits all hands.
It also helps cats cut back on the amount of hairballs they ingest.
Tangles and matting which lead to painful infections can also be avoided by brushing.
One of the most important facts is that brushing helps distribute the natural oils in your pet’s fur, leaving their coat healthy and shiny.
Regular brushing helps you to thoroughly examine your pet and detect any issues such as skin infections, ticks, fleas, swellings or any other abnormalities.
EARS- Most pets are susceptible to ear infections and parasites. Your pet’s ear should be clean and odorless. Red swollen ears and an unpleasant smell accompanied by infestation of mites or ticks, requires being examined by a veterinarian at the earliest.
EYES- If the fur around the eyes are not kept dry and trimmed, the eyes will be prone to infection. The eyes should be clean and bright.
TEETH- Regular brushing of the teeth is the only way to combat gum disease or periodontitis. It also helps to prevent your pet’s mouth from stinking. Bad breath usually means your pet has a dental problem. Ask your vet to recommend a good pet toothpaste to you.
BATHING- Frequent baths for your pet can in fact be detrimental to their health. It strips their skin of all the natural oils, leaving them with dry, itchy patches which often leads to infection. It is advisable to ask your vet to recommend a bathing schedule that best suits your dog’s breed.
TRIMMING NAILS- Pets have sharp long nails which get caught in carpets or upholstery and can cause injury. Trimming the nails frequently can help prevent these injuries and avert the possibility of ingrowing nails.

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