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How to Minimize Shedding

Shedding is a natural process for all dogs and cats. While pets tend to shed a considerable amount throughout the year, the hair loss is especially apparent in two short periods as the seasons change.
Often known as the “shedding season”, summer and winter are two seasons where the shedding becomes more aggressive.
It is advisable to groom your pet for at least five minutes, every day. This helps remove the excess and loose fur before it lands up on your bedding, upholstery and carpet.
Regular grooming circulates the natural healthy oils produced by the skin throughout the coat. Using the right grooming tools will make a big difference.
Another way to reduce shedding is to moisturize your pet's skin through their diet. Pets with dry skin tend to shed more hair. Add a few drops of olive or flaxseed oil to your pet's food. There are other dietary supplements which include fish and safflower oils and vitamin E, which help to improve and condition your pet's coat.

How to deal with the aftermath of shedding?

Excessive shedding creates a huge mess at home and as a pet owner, you’ve accepted that regular housecleaning is the norm!
The secret is to remove the hair before it has a chance to set into your upholstery or carpet.
Keeping a pet hair tape remover for touch-ups throughout the day is an excellent idea.
For thorough cleaning of upholstery and difficult areas, use a handheld vacuum specially designed to pick up pet hair.
Cleaning carpets can also become easy with specially designed vacuums.
For non-carpeted floors a quick sweep with the broom should do the trick.
Following these few practical tips will do wonders for you.
Happy pet parenting!

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