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Cooling Solutions for your Pet

It is important that you keep your animal friends cool during these hot summer months. Let’s look at some of these tips to help your pet cool off.
All pets must be kept in cool shady spots, preferably indoors. Chances are, if you’re feeling the heat, so are they.
Small pets are especially susceptible to the heat, bringing them indoors would be ideal. However, if that isn’t possible, cover their enclosures with wet towels and provide an ice-pack or frozen water bottle for them to lean on. This helps regulate their body temperature. Make sure the enclosures are kept out of direct sunlight, if kept outside.
Provide plenty of fresh drinking water; putting ice in it will help keep it cool longer. Even a sorbet made with fresh juice and ice, minus any dairy products and sugar will do the trick.
Walking your dog on the hot ground causes a lot of pain and damage to their paws. Press your hand against the road for about 15 seconds, if it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog. An ideal time to take your pet for a walk is before 8 am and after 6 pm, especially in this hot weather.
If your pet is in any sort of discomfort, try misting them with water or wetting their paws. This applies to all animals and birds that control their internal temperature through their feet.
Never leave your pet in a parked car in these hot summer months. It only takes a few minutes for an animal to suffer an excruciating death if left in a hot car.
You can help stray animals too by leaving out bowls of water for them or bird baths for your feathered friends.
Cats too find it difficult to cope with the rising heat. 
Their breathing becomes shallow which can lead to heatstroke. Keep your cat in an air conditioned or cooler room or try putting a damp towel on her, this will help bring down your cat’s body temperature and cool her off.
 Try some of these cooling solutions and let us know if they worked for your pet by posting a comment. 

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