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Adopt, Don't Shop!

Are you ready to let a little more love and happiness enter your life? Adoption is one of the most gratifying ways to bring more joy to your world. Adopting from a shelter or an animal rescue group, instead of shopping for a pet like it’s a commodity from a pet store, or from a breeder or even a stranger on the internet, has the added benefit of saving the life of an animal in need.

Adopting a pet is a big decision, which involves being completely responsible for your pet, and if you think you’re ready for that then head on to a shelter and not the backyard breeder. Check out some of these amazing reasons to adopt, not shop, when it comes to you wanting a pet.

Rescuing Two Lives- Every Single Year, there are millions of animals that enter shelters within the country. These include, strays, lab rescues, ones surrendered by owners and breeder animals considered unsuitable for sale. These loving creatures if not adopted in time, land up being euthanized for lack of space or over crowding in the shelters.

By adopting an animal, you also save the life of another who can take that empty spot you just opened up. It’s a win-win situation and a second chance for both animals, that may not have gotten one otherwise.

Curbing your expenses- Buying from a breeder can set you back thousands of rupees, even before you get started on the standard cost of pet care. Buying from a pet store can be equally expensive, add to that the risk of getting an inbred who is prone to medical conditions that can cost a fortune.

On the contrary, adopting one from an animal shelter will cost you way less and at times it’ll cost you nothing. Most animal shelters let you adopt for free or ask you to donate whatever you can for the other shelter animals. You can donate cash, medication, covering or bedding, food or anything that you deem appropriate. This helps subsidize care for other animals while they wait for their forever homes.

Putting a stop to barbaric commercial breeding- Commercial breeding facilities are terrifying for animals who find themselves there. Most animals are kept in cages their entire life, without proper medical care, nutrition, companionship and with no hope of ever seeing or experiencing the outside world. Their only purpose: to breed whatever purebred puppy or kitten is in vogue. Most of which are either sold online or are shipped off to pet stores to be sold like merchandise. The less fortunate ones are forced to become breeder animals themselves.

If it’s unpleasant to think about, then it’s distasteful to perpetuate. These breeding facilities exit because of demand, you can help in putting an end to it by adopting a pet instead. This will mean one customer less for these savage mills.

You’ll get yourself a loyal companion- Just like us humans, all animals are different and no one animal is perfect. Adopted animals have a particular way of connecting with their humans, perhaps it’s their appreciation for being “saved” or the love they intrinsically pledge by nature of coming from a tough situation. Whatever the reason, an adopted pet will bring you abundance of joy and brighten up your life.

Becoming a part of a Community- Most rescue groups adore their animals and generally go out of their way to see that they find the best homes for them. They also follow up on their adoptees, organize events, meet-ups, host charities and organize groups on social media platforms where they acknowledge and appreciate the adopters and hope to inspire others. Rescue organizations/communities are very resourceful when you need advice on pet care or are looking for any kind of help regarding your pet.

Adopting a pet and giving it a home, is one of the most satisfying things you can ever do. With so many animals waiting for their forever home, it’s guaranteed you’ll almost always find the breed or temperament you’re looking for.

Give rescue and shelter animals a chance and always think Adopt, don’t Shop!

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