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What kind of toys should I get for my cat?

Cats enjoy a variety of toys such as interactive toys, balls, tunnels and toys filled with treats.

How can I help keep my dog cool in the hot months?

Make sure you keep your dog indoors during the day. Even allowing it into an air conditioned or cooler room will help. Although, allowing your dog to be in an AC room can get her or him habituated to it, instead try using cooler floors or mattresses that will help your pooch cool off.

What’s an ideal time to take my dog for a walk in the summer?

Walking your dog on the hot ground causes a lot of pain and damage to their paws. Press your hand against the road for about 15 seconds, if it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog. An ideal time to take your pet for a walk is before 8 am and after 6 pm. You can carry a portable water bowl so that you keep your pet hydrated on those much-needed walks.

Why is pet grooming important?

Regular grooming allows you to detect any basic disease or conditions early. This will mean your pet is treated quicker and more efficiently, which will ensure your pet is far from infection or illness. As an additional benefit, regular grooming circulates the natural healthy oils produced by the skin throughout the coat.